Benefits from Using Indoor Tanning Lotion

  • Speeds up your tanning process.  The ingredients that are present in indoor tanning lotions help increase and stimulate the melanin production.
  • Moisturizes your skin.  Indoor tanning lotions replenish moisture to your skin while tanning and extend the life of your tan.
  • Provides nutrients.  The nutrients and supplements in indoor tanning lotions are formulated to provide additional benefits to  your skin.
  • Helps reduce that “tanning smell”.  Your skin has a distinct odor when the melanin is stimulated.  Indoor tanning lotions contain ingredients to help reduce the after-tan smell.
  • Outdoor tanning lotions and oils may not be used in our salon!  Outdoor lotion ingredients scratch and cloud the acrylic, which prevents the proper transmission of UV light.  Any tanning lotion bought outside of our salon MUST BE APPROVED BY A MEMBER OF OUR STAFF.



Australian Gold®

Australian Gold® brand is the largest, most recognized, and most purchased brand of indoor tanning lotions.  For over 20 years, Australian Gold® brand has continually produced lotions with superior bronzing power, advanced skincare and unbeatable results. Australian Gold® formulas are based on Natural Science Skin Care Chemistry, which means key ingredients are nature-based to promote the darkest tan and healthiest-looking skin possible so the tan you get is your own…naturally!  The formulations are based on our heritage of offering quality tanning products that not only provide beautifully dark color but also help condition and moisturize the skin. All formulas are filled with advanced antioxidant vitamin-therapy and dark tanning omega oils. The results: dark, long-lasting, golden tans and nourished, healthy-looking skin!
     In 2010 reality TV queen Jenni “JWOWW” Farley launched her first indoor tanning lotion JWOWW Black Bronzer with Australian Gold®.  Her products focus on enhancing the skins ability to bronze, making color the highest priority.  Testing and designing each product herself, leaves each one with a “JWOWW” touch.  For the Tan of Your Life and the Life of Your Ta


Designer Skin®

Designer Skin’s prevailing philosophy is “Nutrition for the Skin” and this mantra drives every aspect of their product development. Designer Skin’s phenomenal line of indoor tanning products provide the ultimate in skin nutrition through the use of technologically advanced, quality ingredients blended into cutting edge tanning formulations.  Exceptional skincare.  Exceptional color.  The most fabulous finds at prices others will envy!


Swedish Beauty®

The Swedish Beauty® brand originated in Sweden, was founded on vitamins and healthy skin, and was created by Folke Johannson.  It joined the Australian Gold® family in 1998 and was destined to stay true to its roots of skincare, vitamins and tingle while becoming the highest-end brand of lotions in indoor tanning.
     The beautiful fragrances and soothing moisturizers are at the heart of this long time brand. Enriched with vitamins, skin care complexes, extreme moisturizers, technologically advanced bronzers and ultimate tingle powers, these lotions are the most luxurious and highest quality in the marketplace.  You will find your skin loving the feeling before and after your tanning session. Swedish Beauty® products cater to the most discriminating tanner who demands top quality and performance in their tanning lotions.  This line works for everyone but was especially developed for those with fair to moderate complexions in mind.  Beautiful Tan…Beautiful Skin!®